Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day #1: Short Session, Solid Results

As I left off with my previous post I was unsure of what games I was going to play on my poker journey, and finally today I decided to go the limit cash game route. So the decision was made to start at .25/.50 limit holdem, and work my way up through solid bankroll management.

So, I got HEM purchased and got my money onto pokerstars. By the time I finally got that done it was about 1:00am, so I decided I would just play a quick session to get my feet wet. It turned out pretty well:

Time played: 49.7 minutes
Hands Played: 153
Money Won/Lost: +$17.15

Total Bankroll: $167.71 (I had $.56 when I started)

Promising results, but I know its infeasible to run this good the entire time I'm playing. Not every day will be a 44bb/100 day. As long as I continue to make the right plays it'll play out just fine.

Tomorrow I'll probably put in an actual 2 hour session since everything is already taken care of. Now its just time to practice discipline and solid poker playing. :)

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